Race Recap: Habitat for Humanity’s Race to Build

Date: Sunday, June 14, 2015
Race: Habitat for Humanity’s Race to Build
Where: Leander, TX
Distance: 5K Trail
Race#: 34

As my alarm went off I could hear the rain falling heavily against the window. I burrowed myself further into the covers and debated whether to get up and race. My Fave walked in and asked, “Sarah, are you up yet? Look outside. Are you still planning on running?!” I whined and the excuses started, “Ugh, I don’t want to get wet! It’s going to be muddy. Should I go?” We looked out the window for a few minutes and decided that I should at least show up. Maybe they would cancel it, we hopefully thought.

I’ve run a trail race in the pouring rain and it’s not my most favorite thing to do. I didn’t want to get wet, muddy, slip, or get lost, etc. but I knew that I had to run this race. It was my first race of the year and I was doing it for a good cause. Besides, when did I let a little rain stop me before?

I got dressed and we headed to Southwest Williamson County Regional Park. The rain fell even harder as we drove. We laughed and joked that maybe we would be the only crazy ones going to this thing. We stopped laughing as we turned into the park and saw cars in the parking lot and runners milling about. It was time to (wo)man up! I got out of the car and headed to the registration tent to get my timing chip. While we were walking back to the car, as if on cue, the rain stopped and a rainbow appeared. I guess someone up there was trying to tell me something…


The race was hosted by the Georgetown Running Club for Williamson County’s Habitat for Humanity. There were two distances; the 10K and 5K. I was running the 5K. The out and back flat course followed the Jim Rogers Trail. I had visited the trail a few days before so I was a bit familiar with it.

Jim Rogers Trail

Jim Rogers Trail

My training for this race was pretty non-existent so I decided to take it easy and just finish. I started off at an easy pace while dodging the deep puddles and slick mud. With the recent heavy rains here in Texas, animals and other smaller critters start moving to higher ground; including snakes! At times, I had no choice but to run at the edge of the trail along the high grass. I couldn’t help but think about the rattlers that could be lurking. I continued on my way and before I knew it, I could hear the cheers of the volunteers at the halfway point. Even with the rain, these selfless volunteers were loudly cheering and handing out water.

Towards the last mile, I felt tired but kept going. There were moments where I was the only one on the trail and I thought about how much I had missed running races. Hearing the crowd in the distance made me happy that I decided to come out and race. Yes, even in the rain. I glanced at my watch and knew that I was getting close to the finish. I sprinted to the finish and turned in my racing chip.

After watching other runners come in, I headed over to the results table and keyed in my bib number. When the results came up, it read: “N/A”. Wait a minute, this isn’t right, I thought. I tried again and still no data. My heart sank a little. I wondered if my timing chip was broken or I had not stepped on the timing mats properly. I asked the race director and was told to check in with the timing company. This has never happened to me before and I was a bit bummed. The timing operator informed me that he would look into it and I would get my results later on. He was kind enough to even offer to pay for an upcoming race if he was unable to locate it.

We decided to stick around for the awards ceremony; something I unfortunately never do! I’m so glad we did because it was nice to cheer on the winners and chat with other fellow runners.

I’m used to running races that are bigger but I actually enjoyed this small race. There were probably around 150 runners. I liked the atmosphere and felt the closeness of this running community. It was well run, started on time, and they provided plenty of water and snacks for the runners. I would definitely run this race again.



crowd shoes

Did I get pancakes after? No! I ended up getting donuts from Shipley’s. They were almost as satisfying as a plate of pancakes! Almost.


Later on that day, I received an email from the timing company with my official results. They had accidentally given me the wrong timing chip! I was pretty satisfied with my time given the fact that I had not raced or trained in awhile. This race was what I needed to get the running monster going again!


Official Results

Thanks to the Georgetown Running Club and Williamson County’s Habitat for Humanity for putting on a fun race!



Do you like running in the rain? Do you prefer small or big race events?

See you at the finish line!



4 thoughts on “Race Recap: Habitat for Humanity’s Race to Build

  1. Thank you very much for your kind words. We had about 100 people who were registered for the races not sure up, so “great job” for braving the conditions. We are looking at putting the race on in Mar 2016. This should mean cooler temps and less grass for me to weed eat to get the trails ready. Thanks for supporting a great cause!

    Another fun Georgetown Running Club event is the River Relays 5k on Jul 25. 2 person team and both people run 1.55 miles for a combined 5k. Picnic to follow.

    • Thank YOU Bill! I had a lot of fun and I do hope to run it again next year! Having the race in March will definitely be better for the runners and you of course! 🙂

      I’ll have to check out your next event: River Relays! Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Sarah! I don’t know if you remember me, but your husband introduced us after the race. It was great meeting you and I finally got around to checking out your blog! I love it and look forward to reading more! Hope all is well and your surviving this heat!

    • Hi Trisha! Sorry for the late reply! Yes, I do remember you! It was a pleasure talking with you after the race. This is my first summer here in Texas so adjusting to the heat has been quite the experience! Thanks again for stopping by my blog and I do hope to see you at some future races! Take care and happy Running! 🙂

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