It’s Race Weekend!

I love race weekends.

Now that the weekend is FINALLY here, I am looking forward to Sunday’s race. I will be running the Habitat for Humanity’s Race to Build 5K Trail Race. I haven’t raced since August of last year and I’m excited to finally get back to the racing scene.  I can’t believe that this will be my FIRST race of the year!

I’m also daydreaming/drooling about my ritual post-race meal. Not sure if it will be pancakes or BBQ. After all, I AM in Texas…

My training for this 5K was not rigid or set to a specific running schedule. It consisted of short runs at a nearby trail and on the treadmill. I probably ran twice a week with my longest run at about 2.50 miles. I also did not use any running apps to keep track of my pace or mileage. I used a non-GPS watch and just ran for time. Not having to worry about my pace was liberating. Basically, I ran when I felt like it.

Obviously, my main goals are to FINISH this race and have FUN. However, this race also means something special to me. One, I will be running in remembrance for a loved one and two, this is my ‘comeback’ race.

It feels good to be back. Here’s to new beginnings…


Do you look forward to race weekends? Do you have any quirky pre/post race rituals?

See you at the finish line!


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