Two is better than zero.

Last Saturday morning after tearing ourselves away from watching ESPN’s College Football Gameday,  my Fave and I got up for a run. I was looking forward to it but also nervous. How was my body going to react? It had been so long since I had gone for a run. I decided to start slow and do two miles. Something is better than nothing right?


Couples that run together, stay together.

My Fave ran alongside me for a bit and it was nice to have some company on the trail. As I ran, I could feel my body jiggle (Thank you post-vacation pounds!) and my feet grow heavy with each step. I started to get frustrated and scolded myself for taking a break for so long and just letting myself go. I vowed to get back on this training schedule and start eating healthy again.

“How was I able to run 7+ miles before?!”, I complained to my Fave.

“You’ll get back on it! Hey, at least we’re out here and doing something!”, my Fave said.

He was right. Before anymore negative thoughts consumed me, I decided to push through them and tried to enjoy this run. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful Saturday morning. It was a perfect day for a run.

Before I knew it, I approached my turnaround and I decided to push myself. It was tough but I kept visualizing myself crossing that half-marathon finish line. I sprinted to the finish and high-fived my Fave. I glanced at my watch. Not too bad. Two miles may not seem much but it was A LOT to me. After being on a running hiatus for a while, just getting out there and finishing this run was a huge accomplishment for me. The hardest thing is just getting out there.

Running, oh, how I’ve missed you so…



Have you ever taken a long break from running? How did it feel coming back?

See you at the finish line!


10 thoughts on “Two is better than zero.

  1. Great job getting out there! I took a long break during my pregnancies and getting back was hard, but I was determined, and was so happy I went back to running.

  2. Don’t worry, you’re going to jump right back into it. It might take a few runs, but you’ll feel great in no time!! At least you got out there and did it!! xoxoxo

  3. Great job! Even when I’m running regularly, I use a 2 mile run as a way to gauge how I’m feeling. It’s a doable distance but not always easy. I’ve definitely had my running hiatuses, and it’s tough to get back into the swing of things. It’s such a good feeling once you do though!

  4. Woohoo!! Glad to see you back out there!

    I think my longest break from running was from November, 2013 to February, 2014! I didn’t do anything, but it felt really nice to not worry about training and mileage and stuff like that. I felt like I was able to enjoy my life without strings attached!

    I haven’t ran in the last 10 days or so… I should probably get some running done before Nike. haha!

    • Wow! That is a long break! I’ve been out for a month and it feels like forever! I know I’ll get back on it though.

      Good luck at Nike! So awesome that you’re going to run that race!

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