Road bumps.

I wish I was writing to tell you that I’ve been keeping up with my half-marathon training, that I’ve been exercising consistently, that I’ve been eating healthy, that I’m still saying no to sweets and that I’m excited to run my October half-marathon in a few short weeks. But I’m not. Things have changed A LOT.

It’s amazing how much can happen in a month:

  • I was on vacation. My Fave and I went on our annual Fall trip to Texas. We had a blast in my two favorite cities: Austin and San Antonio. Prior to my trip, I vowed to keep up with my training and eat healthy on this trip. I looked up nearby trails and local gyms. I even had a race scheduled. So, how long did that last? Um, maybe for the first couple of days… I ate LOTS and didn’t run at all.  The race that I had scheduled for? Let’s just say that my alarm didn’t go off and I had Texas BBQ instead. I enjoyed my vacation and though I gained a few pounds, I have no regrets. None.
Sunset walk around Town Lake in Austin, TX

Sunset walk around Town Lake in Austin, TX


Texas BBQ

Texas BBQ > everything else

  • I took a mini vacation from THE vacation. Most travelers know what I’m talking about. Sometimes after coming home from a long vacation, you need that extra time to recharge again. Days after getting home, we headed out for a weekend getaway to Lake Tahoe. I love Tahoe. We noshed on yummy tacos and sipped on margaritas. The best part of Tahoe is of course, the Lake. I could hang out there all day. For a minute, I thought about going for a run. Almost.
Happy Hour Tacos

Happy Hour Tacos



Keep Tahoe Blue

  • My trail shoes have been getting more mileage than my running shoes. We recently got a pass to our county park system and we are taking full advantage of the trails that these parks offer. I’ve hiked on some gorgeous trails and plan on running more trail races in the future. Who knows? 2015 might be the year to do ALL trail races. Thanks to my Fave for surprising me with Trail Runner Magazine the other day and contributing to my new running obsession: trail running.



Ending the hike with a sunset

Ending the hike with a sunset


Half-marathon Training Update:

My last run was a month ago. It was a 7 miler. I have no idea how I have stopped running. The goal that I have set for myself has been put on the back burner and I feel like I let myself down. When I got back from vacay, I looked at my running calendar and thought that maybe I could make up for all the runs I missed and be ready for an October half-marathon. The more I thought about it and discussed this with my Fave, I knew how unrealistic it was going to be. If I half-assed this training, I’m going to get half-assed results. I just wouldn’t feel right crossing that finish line knowing that I didn’t properly prepare for it and give it my all. This is going to be my first half-marathon and I want it to be special. I know there is no such thing as a perfect race and that’s not what I’m hoping for. I just want to train properly, stay healthy and complete this half-marathon by the end of this year.

It’s not easy being in the midst of “marathon season” and seeing everyone running around you. My social feeds are filled with posts about upcoming races, running milestones, miles logged in, medals earned and I feel so out of place. While sitting in my car at the intersection, I see runners going for a run and I wonder when I’ll go for my next run. I walk the trail that I once ran at and I could hear the runner whiz past me and have “runner envy”. What was once so familiar has made me question my status as a “runner”. I miss running. I do. I just can’t seem to tie on those running shoes and get going again. I’ve hit a road bump and I’m trying to find a way through it.

So what’s the plan? Hit the “Reset” button…AGAIN. I also have Race #34 to run but haven’t decided which one yet. Running this half-marathon isn’t going to be easy but you know what seems even harder? Training! Don’t get me wrong, I know training is hard work and I’m going to put the time in. I just have to stay focused and remember: I AM A RUNNER AND I WILL RUN THIS HALF-MARATHON. It might not be on my birthday month which I had planned for but I’ve come to realize that its OK. Please don’t ask me when or which one because if I say something I’m afraid I might jinx it. I’ll wait until I officially register for it so stay tuned. Or maybe I will just tell you the day before. Ha! Just know that I will be training extra hard this time around and please send me some positive running vibes to get me through this!

If you have time, check out: Runner’s World, Marc Parent (@newbiechronicle) article, Running My First Half MarathonIt is exactly what I’m going through.

Are you training for a fall race? Have you ever had to reschedule a goal race and change your training plan?

See you at the finish line!


6 thoughts on “Road bumps.

  1. Oh, I’ve been there. I actually have a few DNS races because I was either undertrained or felt like enjoying my weekend. (Like that time I decided to go to Miami for a girls’ weekend after the coldest winter I ever experienced instead of running a half marathon that I actually trained for.) Makes no sense. It makes me feel (and appears to others) that I’m a fraud for a runner. I think I’m past all that now, but it’s hard not to have that envy too.

    But the difference is believing that you can do it. You’ll get through the October half marathon! Just take it bit by bit, and don’t be afraid to run/walk. Sometimes it’s hard to get laced up and back on the road, but you’ll feel great once you do.

    I’m not currently training for a race (unless you count a turkey trot!), but I’ll be training over the winter for a March half.

    Anyway, sorry for the very rambly comment, but don’t get discouraged – you can do this.

    • Thank you for the support Jess and no, your comment isn’t “rambly”! Haha! I would’ve gone to Miami too if I were you! I know I’ll get through this training and finish this half-marathon. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who’s gone through this.

      Good luck with your training and enjoy the Turkey Trot! Those are always fun! 🙂

  2. Hey Girlie, you’ll get it done in your time, and on your terms. My first half was ugly, we thought training was doing a couple (like 2) fun 5Ks and casual weekend runs over a couple months and a 10K the week before the half lol! But we got through it, running and walking and enjoying the experience.
    Running is about your goals and what you want out of it – be that a strong solid race, being able to say you finished or just getting yourself out there and having fun!
    We all know running is not all shiny bling and perfect training plans, just like a trail run there are rocks, steep inclines and switchbacks but those views and scenery along the way and that finish at the end are all worth it!
    You are a real runner – don’t ever doubt yourself about that! Thank you for the real runner post! Hugs!

    • Thank you for the kind words and your support! You’re right, I have to figure out what my goals are for this race. I know I’ll get back on it and run this half. It’s interesting to read about everybody’s first half! Can’t believe you got through it with minimal training! The important thing was you had FUN! I have to embrace it and enjoy it as well! Thanks again and happy running! 🙂

  3. I’m happy with my vacation – I’ve managed to increase my mileage. It helps running in my hometown. It’s definitely made it more exciting for me. Good luck with your rest and getting back into it 🙂

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