Half-Marathon Training Update & June Recap

Just a quick post to update you on my half-marathon training and how my June went.

If I could describe my half-marathon training in one word, it would be OK. Yes, OK. I have approximately five months until October’s Half-Marathon deadline. CRAZY. It amazes me how quickly the months have been flying by! In June, my runs were sparse and with my longest distance in between the 3-4 mile range. I also didn’t race.

Honestly, I am afraid that I might not be as ready as I thought I would be for this half-marathon. It pains me to even write that because I have set out to do this and I DO want to do it. I don’t know, I have mixed emotions about the whole thing too. I can’t make excuses for my lack of training or enthusiasm for running but I have been consumed with other things going on in my personal life and most importantly, sports! Ha! I was busy watching the NBA Finals (Go Spurs!) and most recently, the World Cup (USA! USA!).

Anyway, I WILL get back on it, I hope. Here are a few pics from this month’s running adventures:

  • Celebrated National Running Day with what else? A run of course.


  • Tested out some “new” running gear. The trail that I run at has an annoying gnat problem. It probably doesn’t help that I run during sunset because this is when they are the most active. It is also very uncomfortable to run at a fast pace when you have swarms of these guys hitting you in the face and accidentally swallowing them. Ugh. One evening, I used one of my Fave’s bandanas and tried running with it. It helped for a while but then I had problems breathing! If you have any ideas on how to keep these guys at bay, I’d like to know!


  • Incorporated strength training into my workouts. I think I have spent more days lifting more than running! Seriously. I think this is my new obsession. My favorite day of weight training is Leg Day, of course! I used to be intimidated about going into the weight area but now I don’t care. I’ve gotten stronger and know that it has helped with my running.


  • Received running swag. A couple of months ago, Oiselle made an announcement to have a chance for you to get your Runner’s World signed by the bad-ass herself, Lauren Fleshman! I jumped at the chance and sent my copy to the “Bird Nest”. A few days ago, I got my magazine signed, a sweet note from Ms. Fleshman and her favorite Picky Bar!


  • Random June sunset runs and shoe selfies.




How was your June? See you at the finish line!



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