Half-Marathon Training – Week 6

Going to make this update short and sweet because that’s what this past week’s training has been!

My last running workouts have been on the treadmill and surprisingly I’ve enjoyed them. Running two miles may not be much but I feel like I’m slowly getting my running legs and mojo back again. Besides running, I’ve done some hiking and strength training.





Sunday: Did a short Sunset Sunday hike and admired the views and sunset from Ed Levin County Park. Ed Levin is a small park in the South Bay and has several hiking trails that you can enjoy.





For the past few weekends, I’ve been going on hikes and I’ve enjoyed the pressure of not having to run. These walks and hikes have reminded me to slow down and see what’s around me. As runners, sometimes we are too focused and forget what beauty surrounds us. The pressure of performance, form, fueling, PRs, etc. can be overwhelming and the joy of running gets lost.

When I first started running, I could care less how many miles I was putting in each week or what my time was. I ran because it was FUN to get outside and get some exercise. Now, I find myself stressing out how many miles I wasn’t putting in, how “slow” my last mile was or if I didn’t sign up for a race. I would look at the calendar and instead of getting excited for a long run, I felt some dread. Social media hasn’t made it easier either. Yes, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others but we can’t help it sometimes. Seeing others run or race added to the pressure. I had to stop. I had to stop putting that pressure on myself and remind myself why I love to run and that I’m on my OWN journey.

Running is not about finish times or the medals you collect. Sure, those are nice but take away all that and what are you left with? The best part of running for me is the feeling you get after a good run or when you cross that finish line. I want that again and I knew I had to change my perspective on training for this half-marathon. I want to do well but I also want to have fun too! My plans are to obviously get back on a training schedule that works for me and cut back on my sweets addiction. I said “cut back” not give up! AND if I miss a workout, it’s ok. I love running but I also know that there are other things out there that are more important: my family and my Fave. Oh and food too. Haha!

Have you ever gotten lost in the pressures of running? How do you continue to have fun while running?


5 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training – Week 6

  1. Yes, gotten lost so many times I don’t even want to remember. Just don’t outrun your joy for running 🙂 Keep up the good work and do what is best for YOU! And GO GIANTS!!

  2. Hey!! Have a great weekend and you made some really great points in your post!! I do agree!! Sometimes I let the pressure of the races (a.k.a. nervousness) get to me, so I’m trying to relax and enjoy more!!

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