You Bad A$$ Mother…Happy Mother’s Day!

“Mom, I have a race tomorrow morning. You coming?”

“Again?! Will there be coffee?”

“Yes. I think so. If they do, I’ll get you one.”

“What kind of bathrooms will they have?”

“Ugh, I don’t know!! I’m sure they’ll be clean!”

“Ok. I’ll go.”

There are two things that my mom has to make sure before coming to one of my races. One, will there be coffee and two, are there clean bathrooms. I know. My mom cracks me up too.

My mom isn’t a runner. What she is though is a huge supporter in my running habit. Though she may not know the differences between 5Ks and 10Ks or tells everyone that I run marathons instead of races, I still love her.

Mom, thank you for:

– Waking up early and making sure that I won’t miss my race

– Driving me to my races no matter how far they are

– Being my own personal bag check and holding all my stuff

– Packing extra snacks and water for after my race

– Making me laugh and forget about my pre-race jitters

– Holding up a sign you proudly made even if you misspelled a word

– Waiting in the cold, the heat, or the rain until I cross the finish line

– Taking my pre and post race photos even if you still don’t know how to use my phone

– Making sure that I got my race shirt, swag and medal before we leave

– Taking me out for a plate of pancakes after my race

– Asking me if I need new running gear when we’re at the store

– Waiting patiently as I try on shoe after shoe at the running store

– Smiling and yelling my name proudly as I cross the finish line

– And so much more…

Thank you again for always being there not only at my races but in my life too! I love you.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome mother runners out there! Is your mom a runner? How has she influenced your running?

See you at the finish line!



7 thoughts on “You Bad A$$ Mother…Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Awwww, such a cute picture!!! Love it!! My mom is my best friend and although she does not compete in running races (it’s not her passion), she’s a fast runner! I wish she would, though! She has influenced my fitness X 1000!! She works out at the gym 2-3 hours every day!! She is one tough momma!!! XOXO!!

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