Half-Marathon Training – Week 5

Week 5 mileage: 15+

Wait…wait… don’t congratulate me just yet! That number represents the number of miles that I have walked NOT the miles I have run. I’ve been on several sunset walks and went on a lovely hike over the weekend. So what happened with running? Oh yeah, THAT. Well, I’m still s-l-o-w-l-y getting back into it. The thing about taking a break from running is that you have to ease back into it physically and mentally. Well, for me anyway. My workouts have been so-so and I’ve been eating LOTS of yummy sweets.

Tuesday: I went on a ‘runch’ and ran 3 miles. It was TOUGH. Not only was it HOT it was also hard for me to get into a rhythm. I honestly just wanted to get that run done quickly since I was feeling crappy. Obviously not my best run but still a run.


Then I ate THIS later that day. Well, half of it. Yup. Sorry not sorry.


Saturday: I went on a hike with my Fave and had a great time! If you’re ever in the San Francisco Bay Area, I highly recommend exploring Quicksilver County Park. It is located in the town of New Almaden near south San Jose. The park is huge and has plenty of hiking and biking trails. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoyed the views and wildflowers the trails offered.



Then I ate THIS after dinner.



Sunday: I ended my weekend with a sunset walk at the Coyote Creek Lagoon. This trail is also located in the San Francisco Bay Area and is part of the Bay Trails Project. It was a short walk and I found a new place to run at!


Even though I didn’t get a chance to put in as many running miles as I would have liked, I still enjoyed my week. Yes, I’ve been slacking on my workouts and eating more sweets than I should but I know I’ll get back into it. I miss running and I do get itchy feet when I see everyone around me running. These walks and hikes have been good and has me really thinking about what running means to me. What it REALLY means to me. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it and intend on continuing. October Half? Don’t worry, I see you!

How was your week? Do you incorporate hiking into your training?

See you at the finish line!

PS. Thanks again for all your comments and support from my last post! You guys are awesome!


9 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training – Week 5

  1. Ohhhh, cake, cake!!! I love it!! YUUUM!!! I’m glad you’re not sorry!! I’m glad you enjoyed it!! XOXO!!! Great workouts!! You’re fab!!!

  2. Hey Sarah, just want you to know you’re not alone in the need to get back on track with training! I wish my issue wasn’t just the last few weeks like you, I’ve been totally distracted and off my running game 😐 I have 3 events coming up over the next 6 weeks and so not ready, but since I’m focusing on running being fun I’m in it to finish and not being too hard on myself. The great thing about running is that we can pick up where we left off, and run our own pace and our own race 🙂 Love the blog – thanks for being real about your experience! ❤️ Pinayeye

    • Thank you! Yes, I have to remind myself that running is supposed to be fun. I think with all the pressure around me I sometimes forget that. I know I’ll get back on it soon. Good luck with your events! I’m sure you’ll do fine! Like you said, just have fun and finish! 🙂

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