Half-Marathon Training – Week 4

I’m kind of embarrassed for even posting this week’s training recap BUT I want to have a record of all this. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Week 4 mileage: 2! Not 2 races or 2 runs but T-W-O miles.

I know… I know! What happened?!

Monday (Marathon Monday): It was the Boston Marathon and I, and so many others were glued to the TV or following the live feed on social media. I was overcome with emotion as I watched history being made as Meb Keflezighi crossed the finish line to win the Boston Marathon. Who can also forget Rita Jeptoo’s record-breaking course time?! Amazing athletes from all over the world chasing that unicorn! Being swept by the excitement of this historical day, you would think that I would have the motivation to lace up my shoes and go out for a run that evening right? Um, no, not really. BUT I did lace up my shoes and went for a walk instead. I blame it on laziness.

Saturday: No long run. What?! I slept in. Then I ate a lot of sweets. I will not tell you how many pints of Haagen-Dazs I have consumed in the past few days. Eeep. Moving on…

Sunday: I got up early (thanks to my Fave) and went for a quick two-mile run. After taking a short hiatus from running, you definitely do feel a difference. It was hard to even get started. I was feeling miserable that I had taken such a long break from running. Then I stopped and thought about how lucky I was to even be running out there. Any mile is better than none at all. Right?! Running the last mile felt much better and I vowed to get better and not let this break from running stop me. I finished strong and felt great that I had finally got a run in!

Two is better than one!

Two is better than one!


Later that day, I had a great time antiquing with my Fave and enjoyed a Sushi Sunday dinner. It was indeed a Sunday Funday!



That evening, on our sunset walk, I thought about a lot. I’ve been feeling guilty about not running. Taking a week off from running was good and bad. Good, that I was able to rest. Bad, that I indulged in too many sweets and slacked off on my usual workouts! I could blame it on the junk food that I’ve been eating, the NBA playoffs that I’ve been watching, or whatever but I know I have to take responsibility. I made it a goal to run my FIRST half-marathon this year and I know I will do it. I will get back into a groove soon. Even though I am not finishing the end of April as I would have liked, I’m looking forward to seeing what May brings!


How was your weekend? Any advice from coming back from a long break?

See you at the finish line!

PS Thank you all for your sweet comments from my last post! Your support has been awesome!



12 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training – Week 4

  1. I know it’s much easier said than done, but don’t beat yourself up over it. Sometimes the (running/workout) guilt is too much, but you probably needed the rest. You’ll get back into it and you’ll find your good running place again! Keep at it 🙂 Sometimes time with our “faves” is more important than running! I know you didn’t ask for any advice, but a good quote someone reminded me of is “Running isn’t your job. Make sure you are still enjoying it!” Happy running girly!

    • Yes, the rest has been good! I agree, spending time with our faves is always important! Thank you for that quote and reminder! Definitely have to remind myself of that. Thanks again for your support! 🙂

  2. You are early enough in your training that you can easily make up for this. Get back on plan, learn from this past week, and vow to stick with it so you don’t feel the same guilt. Good luck!

    • Thank you! You’re right, it is still the beginning stages of my training and if I’m going to slack I guess it should be now! Haha! I’ll use this past week to reevaluate and get back on it! 🙂

  3. No worries! You can do it! At least you got 2 done. You didn’t give up! Sometimes when I get off track a bit, the guilt keeps my motivated and on schedule the following week. Stay focused and keep your end goal in mind 🙂

  4. Girl, don’t ever feel guilty about a little rest. Sometimes, you need it without ever knowing you did. Especially right now when you’re early in your training. Don’t burn yourself out! (I had that issue when it came to training for Oakland Marathon- it’s one of the reasons why I downgraded to the half.)

    I know that you’ll pick back up on your training in no time, though! When my race is over this weekend, let’s definitely take some time to train together on weekends. 🙂 Keep up the awesome work! Don’t forget to stay hydrated. hehe

  5. I understand completely being glued to the Boston Marathon coverage. I have duel screens at work and one was solely dedicated to the race that day! It was an amazing race. Your body needs a break every once in a while. I’m sure you’ll bounce right back! Good Luck on your training!

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