First Run for March & Running in Pro Compression Socks

“Wake up, wake up, it’s the first of the month…”

It was Saturday and I was excited for my long run. Two reasons: One, I got to test out my FIRST pair of Pro Compression socks and two, it was the first run of the month!

In the past few days we had been getting rain and that day the clouds loomed overhead. I was bummed but was determined to get a run in. I fueled up with my usual Picky Bar and gleefully pulled up my brand new Pro Compression socks. I may or may not have modeled them in front of the mirror for a second.



I drove out to my usual running trail and kept glancing at the sky. It looked like I was going to get hit with a few showers. Because of the uncertainty of the weather, I decided to see how far I could go and if it rained, I would cut my run short. I zipped up my jacket, started my watch and ran. I started off pretty good and kept a nice pace. My first mile felt great and was my fastest. As I was running, I also noticed the compression socks helped. My calves didn’t feel so tight as I ran.

Then the rain came and my pace slowed. For miles three to four, my pace significantly dropped. Milli Vanilli sang it best, “Blame It On The Rain…”! I’m still glad that I got my run in even if my pace wasn’t the greatest.

Trail: Coyote Creek Trail





Since I had to cut my run short and I still wanted to get a good workout, I immediately headed to my gym for a strength training class. Not sure if that was good idea because there was a new instructor who was focused more on cardio. Needless to say, my legs got a good workout that morning! I’m glad I wore those socks because they definitely helped with the endless burpees and squats! After that workout, I headed home and refueled with a nice, cold box of chocolate almond milk.


Would I buy Pro Compression socks again? YES! I liked them so much that I didn’t want to take them off after my workout!

Before, after my long runs, I would notice a tightness or soreness on my calves. I would foam roll and that would help but I still would feel sore. When I first heard about compression socks, I was a bit skeptical at first and wondered, “Would socks really help with running?” Since I will be training for my first half marathon and increasing my mileage, I wanted something that would help not only in my running but in my recovery.

I heard a lot about Pro Compression socks throughout the running community and was curious. I researched more and read that they are designed for comfort and to promote speedy muscle recovery. Compression helps blood flow from your feet all the way up to your knees thus reducing swelling and inflammation. I decided to take advantage of their #runchat deal and purchased them.

After wearing these socks, I noticed that there was no soreness after my run. I even kept them on for a couple of hours. I feel more confident in running more miles with these because they are great for running and recovery. It takes a bit of work to pull them on and they need a little getting used to if you’ve never worn compression socks before. Even though they kept everything nice and tight, they still felt comfortable. I will definitely order more and would recommend them not only to runners but to everyone!

If you’re interested in trying a pair of your own, check out their products here: Pro Compression



March is race month for me and I am looking forward to it! I signed up for Brazen Racing’s Badger Cove 10K in Livermore and looking forward to the course. This will be my 30th race! Last month, I was shy of reaching 50 miles for February and I’d like to see if I can reach it this month. Here’s to another great month of running!

Any March race/run plans for you? Do you use Pro Compression socks or some other brand?

See you at the finish line!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this Pro Compression review. I heard about their socks through #runchat and wanted to test them out for myself and share my experience with others.


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