February Run Recaps

February was a great running month for me.

  • I finally started my running blog: Run Now, Pancakes Later
  • Did several good runs: road and treadmill
  • Volunteered at a race for the first time at the Double Road Race
  • Participated in #Runchat for the first time on Twitter and met lots of new running friends

On the last week of February, I did a few more runs to end the month:

Sunset Saturday Run

After my time volunteering at the Double Road Race, I did an evening run at my usual trail. One of the things that I miss about my evening runs is ending it with a sunset. I can’t wait until Daylight Savings begins so I can take advantage of the longer daylight hours during the week. I did a 6.5 mile run and kept a fairly good pace throughout. The next morning, I was craving pancakes so I went and got a nice stack of whole wheat pancakes with bananas. Yum! Definitely a nice way to celebrate my long run!



Treadmill Tuesday

Last treadmill run for the month! I was trying to avoid running on the ‘dreadmill’ but I couldn’t avoid the need to run. I did a quick 3 mile run and pushed it towards the end. Even though, I wasn’t feeling it that day, I’m glad I got it done and finished.


Trail Thursday

After discovering a new trail last week, I decided to go back and do a 4 mile run on my lunch. Since we’ve been getting hit with some showers in the Bay Area, I was literally looking out the window every five minutes to make sure I wouldn’t get rained on. At the last minute, I took my chances and headed out.  I’m glad I did because the sun was shining and the rain stayed away while I enjoyed my “runch”.





February was definitely a good month for running! When I looked at my Nike Running App, I noticed that I was a few miles short of running 50 miles for the month! I came in at 46.5. For some, that might not be a lot but for me that’s HUGE! In my earlier days of running, I never thought I would be running this much! Hopefully, March brings in more mileage and I can log in 50 miles or even more!

My blog has also been up for a month and I’m so happy that I started it! It has allowed me to express myself and chronicle this running journey of mine. I’ve been able to connect with other runners and I’ve met some inspiring individuals. Thank you everyone for reading and your support!

How was your February? Did you have a good running month?

See you at the finish line!


3 thoughts on “February Run Recaps

  1. Great, I’m so happy for you- that February was a great running month!! You deserve to feel awesome!!
    January and February were great running months for me!! I PRed my 5k (20:48) in January and had great half marathon training runs in February, now leading up to my half in less than 2 weeks!!

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