Run Recap: Airport Run

It was almost lunch time and I still hadn’t made up my mind. Lunch run or after work run? I didn’t feel like heading to the gym and running the “dreadmill”. I was in the mood to try something different and wanted to run outdoors. I used Google Maps and checked out what was near me. I was in luck! The Guadalupe River Trail was nearby. I changed into my running gear and headed out.

The Guadalupe River Trail is about 11 miles long and is divided into two sections. The northern/central reach runs through the San Francisco Bay, Silicon Valley and Downtown San Jose (Gold Street in Alviso to Virginia Street in southern downtown) and the southern reach runs from Chynoweth Avenue to Coleman Road and leads to Lake Almaden and Los Alamitos Creek.

I parked near the Guadalupe River Park Gardens and started my run. Since I was on my lunch break, I did a quick 4 mile run. The trail was paved, flat and hugged the small Guadalupe River. The weather was beautiful and I kept a good pace and enjoyed my surroundings. When I got to the halfway point, I was surprised that I had reached the San Jose International Airport!


Being such a travel bug, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of wanderlust as I ran past the runway hearing the planes take off. I stopped and read the markers on the trail. I liked how the titles were fitness-related in a way and appropriate for a running trail near the airport!



Running a new trail is sort of like traveling to a new place. You’re excited and not sure what to expect when you get there. When you get to your destination, you’re pleasantly surprised while taking in your new surroundings. Then you want to come back. For me, the Guadalupe River Trail is a place where I will definitely be running again.



A portion of the trail runs next to the San Jose International Airport



What new trails have you discovered?

See you at the finish line!


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