Treadmill Tuesday: Tacos > Treadmills

Good news: It was Taco Tuesday!

Bad news: It was Treadmill Tuesday.

Since it was Tuesday, I HAD TO make tacos for dinner. I LOVE tacos. I’m not talking about the ones from Taco Bell; though I do (secretly) like those from time to time. Don’t judge. I’ve had plenty from all over but the BEST ones are from the streets of Mexico. Oh and I can’t forget the breakfast tacos in San Antonio, Texas. YUM. Perfect after a morning run. If you haven’t had one, then you are missing out! For a runner, these make a simple meal and depending what you put in it, they can be healthy too. I like to fill mine with carne asada or grilled shrimp with pico de gallo.


Carne asada tacos

Anyway, after indulging a bit on chips and salsa, I headed to the gym. My gym gets crowded with the after work crowd so it was no surprise that all the treadmills were occupied. I sighed and hopped on the elliptical. As I tried to block the msk* msk* techno sound of my neighbor who forgot his headphones next to me, I waited until someone got off on one of the treadmills.

Tuesday’s treadmill run started off ok. I did a quick three mile run and increased the speeds at each mile. For my last mile, I finished strong and felt great! Oh and to the two that kept staring at my screen as they ran next to me, hope this answers your question:





How was your treadmill workout? Oh and what are your favorite tacos?!

See you at the finish line!


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