Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Runners

You know you’re a runner when your significant other gives you running gifts on special occasions. I should know because my fave has given me some pretty sweet running gifts for my birthday, Christmas and just because. I don’t mind at all. I actually prefer them! Yes, it’s nice to get the usual flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day but if your girl prefers running gifts like myself, here’s a helpful list for you.

*Note to my fave: Please see #1. Just kidding (kinda)!

1) Endure Jewelry: Look, if you don’t want to go to Jared’s go here. Endure has some beautiful jewelry featuring distance earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets.  Two of my favorite pieces are their Runogram Necklace and Runogram Ring. Their simple and unique designs are affordable and sure to make it suitable for everyday wear.



2) Oiselle: It’s #runlove month at this running apparel store and Oiselle has some awesome running gear! I love this cute #runlove running shirt. Oh and forget about that “Secret Place” owned by “Victoria”, get her these CUTE randies instead!



3) Picky Bars: I just found out about these yummy energy bars and am hooked. I’ve been eating these before my long runs and they help me get through them. Instead of chocolates in a cheesy, red velvet-covered heart-shaped box, get these. They come in different flavors, are vegan and made with organic ingredients. My favorite bar is the Runner’s High. This month they are featuring their Picky Love gift box.


4) Runnerbox: This is a subscription box not only for runners but for triathletes and athletes. You can purchase either a one-time box or a bi-monthly subscription. Their boxes are filled with lots of goodies that runners would like: energy bars, gels, skincare products, supplements, etc. Getting these in the mail would be like Christmas for any runner. Well, for me anyway since I love getting mail! This month they are featuring a Valentine Box.


5) SHOES! or a Race Entry: These are ALWAYS welcome in my opinion. We all know shoes and race entries can get expensive so when you get these as gifts, it is always a hit! These are definitely on my wish list:

The Brooks Launch


Race Entry to Nike Women’s San Francisco Half

6) Carbs! Last but not least, carbs! Say what?! This Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday. You know what that means, most likely she’ll be running a race on Saturday morning or doing a long run the next day. So she’ll have to carb up! Don’t want to go to some crowded, overpriced fancy restaurant on Friday night? Make a romantic pasta dinner. Trust me, you can make this simple dinner and she’ll be grateful that you were thinking of her upcoming race/run. My go to recipe: spaghetti or fettucine with shrimp in a marinara sauce with red pepper flakes. Yum!

Yes, Valentine’s Day is just an ordinary day to some and we should always show love EVERYDAY but if you are celebrating it and want to show your runner some love, I hope these give you some unique gift ideas not just for Valentine’s Day but for some other special occasion!

See you at the finish line!

Note: I was not paid by the above companies to write this post. I just think these products are awesome and want to share my finds with others. I also want my fave to see this so he knows what to get me. Haha! JK!


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