Treadmill Tuesday


Hamster wheel, the dreadmill, the boredmill, the human torture device. Call it what you want but running on a treadmill isn’t too exciting. Well, for me anyway.

I prefer to run outdoors but with the limited daylight hours by the time I get home, running at night on an unlit trail alone is not an option for me right now. I run at my local gym and finding ways to make my treadmill workout fun can sometimes be tough. Here are some ways that get me through my treadmill workout.

I mix up the incline or speed settings so that I can get a good workout. I start off at a comfortable pace and then every quarter mile or so, I increase the speed. For a more challenging run, increase the incline levels too.

Music is a must for me when I’m on the treadmill. This the only time you’ll see me with headphones on when I run. Choose an upbeat mix to get through those miles. By the way, thank you Pandora for having Old School Hip Hop Radio to get me through my workout!

A minute on a treadmill can seem like forever so I try not to look at the clock or the distance too often. I make myself watch the TV or focus on the person in front of me and pretend I’m in a race trying to keep up with them.

Another way I keep it fun is I crank up the speed for the last tenth of my last mile and pretend that I’m crossing a finish line! Too bad there’s no one handing out medals at the end though! It’s a good way to challenge yourself and to improve your endurance. Be careful and don’t go too fast or else you can trip and hurt yourself!

Sometimes I dread getting on this machine but after I get done with sweat dripping down my face, I think, that wasn’t too bad. After all, no one regrets a run.

What are some ways that you make your treadmill workout fun?

Today’s treadmill workout:



2 thoughts on “Treadmill Tuesday

  1. Looking at the clock is a major problem 😉 I have the same kind of hassles, but I can’t listen to music or watch TV, I went into detail on my blog today on this.

    For some reason though I forgot about varying speeds…I assumed that I needed to do a “speed” workout to play with speeds, but this isn’t the case. Thanks!

    • Yes, I always have the tendency to look down at the clock and distance. A good tip that I heard is to cover the screen with your towel. I might have to try that! Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog!

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